Joining the Master Naturalist Program

Who can become an Idaho Master Naturalist?

Any adult who enjoys nature and is interested in learning more. If you enjoy outdoor recreation, bird watching, identifying plants and animals, gardening, and supporting conservation, this program is for you! Idaho Master Naturalists can volunteer at nature centers, give programs to children, help biologists collect data, monitor wildlife, assistant parks and natural areas, or contribute to many other conservation efforts. Anyone who enjoys and appreciates Idaho’s outdoors can be an Idaho Master Naturalist; teachers, hunters, nature guides, farmers, retired professionals, and you!

Through the Idaho Master Naturalist Program you will:

  • Participate in and guide conservation efforts.
  • Join a statewide network of dedicated, trained volunteers who work toward conservation.
  • Further your education and interest in nature.
  • Have an opportunity to give back to your community
  • Study the natural world of Idaho and make a difference!

If you are interested, contact your local chapter to enroll in the Master Naturalist training class.