On the Road: Northwestern Montana to Idaho

Inasmuch as I have not written anything for awhile, I thought the following might be of interest from the aspect of our natural resources work.

Mesa Falls

      Mary Dolven was back with  her work at Mesa Falls Sunday, July 4th, having recovered well from the surgery on her leg. She and Evan, and Karleeen Janssen of the staff had about all they could handle, as visitors flocked into the area all day. But it was rewarding to see so many out for for holiday and enjoying this beautiful area. Thus far, as nearly as I have been able to keep track of, visitors from at least 34 states and two Canadian provinces have registered. Undoubtedly, some that I missed.

Weather for June

As I keep weather observations at Rigby, the following is a comparison of the weather for June 2010 with that of June 2009:

Comparisons are listed side-by-side and separated by a semi-colon, thus: 2009 data; 2010 data

Average Daily Maximum temps 70.9; 71.4
Average Daily Minimum temps. 47.8; 47.8

Outing to Coffeepot Rapids

On Wednesday, June 23, Glenn DeVoe, Wendy and Tim Brockish and Evan Tibbott took advantage of a break in our cool, unsettled spring weather to visit the scenic Coffeepot Rapids area of Island Park. Accessed by a nice hiking trail that begins at the Lower Coffeepot Campground across the road from Macks Inn, it is one of the most scenic and remote areas of the Island Park caldera.

rainy day

Lazuli bunting
feasts on dandelion seeds,
likes my weedy yard.

A Sound I'll Never Forget

A Sound I'll Never Forget

Back in 1964, while traveling down the Lochsa River of northern Idaho,
I heard a sound I'll never forget. I had pulled off the two-lane highway
at one of the campgrounds in the Powell District of the Clearwater National
Forest. As I was walking around in this deep forest, I caught a single
note - a pause - then another note on a different pitch. It had an isolat-
ed,primitive sound that seemed to ring of deep, remote woods. The note was
repeated at several, varying levels. It was beautiful. I later found out

Just the facts

Recent sightings:

Wednesday 3/16, Market Lake (iced over)

Red-winged blackbird females arrive. (No yellowheads, yet).
Great horned owls on nest in shelterbelt.
Coyote on ice.
Numerous Canada geese pairs on ice.
Trumpeter swan pair on ice at historic nesting site. (2 years ago,
5 cygnets; last year, none)
Hundreds of ducks and canadas using planted fields north of marsh 4,
mostly pintails, mallards, some widgeon.
50 sandhill cranes arrive, circling down from high altitude,
very vocal, dancing on landing.

Master Gardner presentation

I am making a presentation to the Advanced Master Gardeners tonight at 7:00 in the building on Rollandet. The extension office. Anybody who wants to see this is invited.
This is one of their roundtables and counts for advanced training. It is on powerpoint and might make some fine reading.