A Day with the Cub Scouts at Camas NWR

If you would, please enter this into our chapter website when you can. It is about the day with area cub scouts at Camas NLR
on Saturday, April 11:

"Several members of Upper Snake Chapter of Idaho Master Naturalists gathered at Camas National Wildlife Refuge on Saturday, April 11, as about 83 cub scouts from a number of smaller communities in the upper Snake plain visited the
area for a day of instruction. The morning opened with a flag ceremony outside the headquarters office, after which, the scouts rotated between several outdoor stations for presentations on various aspects of the refuge. IMN volunteer, Mary
Dolven began by explaining the history and purpose of the National Wildlife Refuge System, pointing out the contribution of former president, Teddy Roosevelt in designating the nation's first wildlife refuge in Florida. Therese Lloyd discussed migration. Ken Olson was at the Bear Awareness booth to give the boys valuable instruction on safety procedures when hiking or camping in bear country. The morning atmosphere was occasionally enlivened by a blast from Ken's bear warning whistle. John and Sue Braastad were on hand to assist wherever they were needed. Evan Tibbott talked to the boys about the geology of the region, the importance of the Snake RIver aquifer and rain and snowmelt to the health and functioning of the refuge in our dry desert-steppe climate. There was also archery and first-aid instruction. The day was clear and although
the wind picked up in the afternoon, the scouts went away happy they had come.

Thanks, Evan