Eastern Idaho Aspen Working Group

A number of Upper Snake IMNs have been involved with the Eastern Idaho Aspen Working Group (EIAWG), helping complete aspen stand assessments and assisting with their newsletter, "Understory." Attached below is the Fall 2011 edition, the first that our members helped compile for the EIAWG.

Declining health and extent of aspen communities in Idaho has a huge effect on our native plants and wildlife. Reading this newsletter will provide you with a better understanding of why healthy aspen communities are so important, and direct you to sources of further information.

I'd like to encourage Upper Snake Master Naturalists and all people who love our native plants to get involved with volunteer work to promote healthy aspen communities and educate the public on the importance of these beneficial trees. Keep an eye on our Facebook page and website calendar for volunteer opportunities and continuing education on this important subject.

Roger Piscitella
Chairman, Upper Snake Idaho Master Naturalist Chapter

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