Mountain Goat Lunch Encounter

       During the summer of 1959 when I was working in Glacier National Park, some of us did some hiking in various parts of the park when we had the opportunity. On one occasion, three of us hiked up to the summit of Mt. Brown, overlooking Lake McDonald. It was a steep trail and when we got to the top, we relaxed and enjoyed a snack lunch. We soon had visitors. Two mountain goats - a mother and her young'un ambled hesitatingly into the small opening where we were getting started on our sandwiches. While we watched, somewhat amazed at their apparent lack of fear of our presence, the young one slowly walked close enough to sniff my sandwich. They remained there while we finished our lunch, the mother standing off about thirty feet undoubtedly apprehensive at the apparent innocence of her charge. While this behavior was probably not unique, the protective atmosphere of the park was probably a factor.